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Many factors could affect productivity at work, some tangible KPI metrics, and many intangible factors. The tangibles are often heavily focused on and monitored repeatedly. These tangibles become the anchor for performance measurement and company growth. The Intangibles, however, are often acknowledged, and they become a big part of the aspirational values of any firm but never get enacted. A study by Roger L Martin summarizes that businesses should take care of its people, be it employees or customers, and value maximization takes care of itself. Customers are fluid that they will not stay unless they are taken care of or satisfied. Employees, on the other hand, can become sterile to the culture. The result is the alienation of oneself

(advertently or inadvertently) from the rest of the team. The adverse effect of this behavioral outcome is both on the employee and the company. Emotions are contagious and propagate across the system - and one such employee can inflict a hostile environment just by involuntarily transmitting this emotional disposition.

The Digital Culture is becoming An Epidemic of Dis-engagement - Thomas Chamorro, University College London

Tom Rath and Jim Harter, Well-being: The Five Essential Elements,

Tom Rath and Jim Harter, Well-being: The Five Essential Elements,

Mental Wellness in the workplace is as important as any other measurable KPI, and it is proven that interventions help alleviate mental fatigue. How can we make a difference in employee's wellness in this hyper-connected digital world?

Employee engagement has been defined as “the degree to which an employee works with passion and feels a profound connection to the company” - Jennifer Falkowski, Burnout, Employee Engagement - Journal of Psychological Issues

What Affects Wellness

<aside> 💡 “an emotional and psychological bond between workers and workplaces. increases engagement and inclusion ” - Jennifer Robinson,


Work occupies a significant portion of one's life and it is determent for lot of other factors, a person with a job can afford other necessities. So what ever happens in or about work tends to have an major effect on people. A lack of social circle in work tends to alienate people and leave then with their own thoughts, and more often people find it hard to step out of distressing thoughts when they are alone. Also they find it hard to control their own thought when a thousand things are happening in front of them and then are alone. Adding to this a change in personal or professional environment also causes stress and affects wellness.

Study by John A. Quelch & Carin-Isabel Knoop

Study by John A. Quelch & Carin-Isabel Knoop

What Can We Do About It

Make Engagements in the workspace Fluid and Dynamic