CCP fully opens up the EVE Portal to Alpha accounts and expands the pilot services trading function to include skill injectors in addition to PLEX. Vily, executor of the Tranquility Trading Consortium as well as one of the leaders of Test Alliance Please Ignore, says that he doesn't expect much skill trading to move from TTC's Keepstar in Perimeter to Jita despite the ability to use the Portal to access the skill trading market in Jita.

EVE Portal Update | EVE Online

Goonswarm Sotiyos being being destroyed

Delve prepares for major offensive tomorrow, with multiple important timers during EUTZ, including the Infrastructure Hub of D-W7F0, which was the Imperium's main capital/supercapital staging system until they moved to the "Helm's Deep" of E3OI-U. / Related Kills | NOL-M9 | 2020-11-17 22:00 / Related Kills | D-3GIQ | 2020-11-17 22:00

Trigger Happy owns Keepstar in Venal now. Alliance executor Zesty posted a screenshot in TiS Discord. Location is HD-JVQ, the regional gate system to Drone Regions (Perrigen Falls). This is after Zesty posted leaks of FRT announcing that the would move heavy assets to Venal to retaliate against TRIGG attacking their PanFam/WinterCo non-deployed stuff.

Ser Qwaez / Murray Rothbardo - looked at how the Dynamic Bounty System works and found that currently the most effective way to keep the multiplier high is by generating below 500m worth of bounties per day before switching to a different system to rat.

The ESS/DBS and You: Managing your systems properly

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