🌰 In a nutshell

We are here to make climate work mainstream.

We helped thousands of people find climate jobs or start climate companies, and we are setting out to affect the entire workforce.

We need your support to catalyze this new type of impact.

✨ Why we exist

Climate change is the greatest problem facing humanity.

In summer of 2020 two Googlers, Eugene and Cass, left the company to dedicate themselves to working on fixing climate change. They weren't sure what lay ahead.

When Eugene's goodbye post on LinkedIn went viral, they connected with hundreds of climate experts and people in the same boat as themselves.

They learned that:

Work On Climate was born to bridge this gap.

⚡ Our impact

At 7,500+ members, Work On Climate is the world’s largest climate community.

We have hosted 60+ events with climate organizations, attended by 1,000+ members.

We have connected members to 500+ hours of expert help.

Hundreds of community members have found climate jobs, and many have started companies.

We have gotten this far with all-volunteer team and on a shoestring budget.

🌳 Our growth vision