Hey! I'm Scott.

I love coffee, Notion, and Perfect Bars.

I'm building this site to share more about me and the things that I am up to. I've been working for myself since 2016 and let's just say it's not always sunshine and rainbows. Some days are tough.

The reality, though, is that I love what I do. I'm still figuring out the whole financial side things, but until that kicks into 5th gear, I'll rely on my passion and my determination to keep pushing forward.

One of the single biggest changes in my life came when I started reading the writings of the Stoics. Stoicism is one of those evergreen things that truly does speak to the fact that we are all humans. Life is fragile. We are emotional. We take things for granted.

I'm sure you don't want to read a whole book about me, but from time to time, I'll update this page as I continue to grow and push forward.

Life is what you make it. If you think all the self-help gurus are just suckering you into spending your hard earned cash and scamming you, then how could you ever truly change?

I'm not a big fan of those who prey on desperate people, but I think we all need to be accountable to ourselves. We should lead with kindness and live and learn.

Another guy who changed my life is Neville Goddard. Fair warning, if you've never heard of him, he may trigger you. He viewed life differently.

I've seen people insult Neville Goddard for referencing the bible. I've seen Christians insult him for not interpreting the bible how they perceive it. I don't view Neville as a particularly religious guy, but I believe he used the tools of his time to teach a core belief (imagination) that he deeply believed in. Some people might just call it woo-woo, but there is something to it.