I quite often have people question me as to my claim that the ALP legalised abortion to birth in Qld in 2018. Let me outline their abortion legislation from their own document.


Up until 22 weeks, no questions asked, no abortion refused.

After 22 weeks

If a doctor does not feel comfortable performing an abortion, by law s/he must refer the woman to someone who is.

The upcoming Queensland election is arguably one of the most significant pro-life events in our nation’s history. Until this day, legislative changes in regards to abortion law reform have been against the protection of life. But on 31 October, Queensland voters who care about life have a very real choice. Read on -

Queenland pro-life battle heats up ahead of state election

Life is a definite election issue with the DLP, LNP, KAP and ON all standing up for the sanctity of life. In my blog that follows I failed to acknowledge the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) as being the first Australian political party to have a pro-life platform for which the DLP are to be thanked and congratulated. I am grateful to those who drew my attention to this oversight. Read more:

One Nation party leads the nation with a Pro-Life Policy for the Qld election