Welcome to Koncrete! This tutorial will provide an overview of the basic functionality of Koncrete and ArgoCD. The tutorial will conclude after:

Creating a Koncrete Workspace

A Koncrete Workspace contains applications that are connected to Git repositories and Kubernetes clusters. Workspaces are also used to set global settings, modify team permissions, and organize projects.

On a fresh Koncrete environment, click the NEW WORKSPACE button.

Follow the prompts to give the workspace a name and URL. This will also assign the ArgoCD URL.


Click CREATE WORKSPACE to create the Workspace. The Status will show a pending symbol with the text "Installing". This should only take a few moments.

The Status will change to "Ready" when the installation is finished. The new Workspace is now available and with a cloud-hosted ArgoCD!

Install The Argo CD CLI and Connect a Kubernetes Cluster

Once the Workspace is created, an associated ArgoCD server will also be available. To interact easily with ArgoCD, it is recommended to install ArgoCD's CLI (if not already installed).


Follow the steps here to install the CLI, login to ArgoCD, and and add a cluster. Then click CHECK AND CONTINUE.

ArgoCD is now configured! Koncrete should display the Overview dashboard.