Hyper sits at the intersection of culture and technology. Our company mission is to make new digital mediums and social tools that have never been seen before– and every day we come to work asking how we can push the envelope on the work that we do.

We're also backed by some incredible investors, like MakersFund, YCombinator, and Pioneer.

Open Roles

Hyper ✦ Full-Stack Engineer (Web3)

We're looking for people who are:


You don't wait for permission to hit the ground running. You have strong intuition and trust it.


You want to make things nobody has ever seen before, and do things in a new way.


You view your work as an extension of yourself, and take great pride in the work that you do.


You value new experiences, and spend every day excited about the possibilities of it all. There's no room for cynicism when you're building the future.

Culturally, we:

✦ Are excited by new technology.

We see new technologies and platforms as opportunities to rise up and build something useful, interesting, and fun.