Led project to move audiobooks from iTunes to iBooks on iOS

Features patented


Opening audiobook drops a "session marker" dot in the timeline


Scrubbing the timeline shows 1) distance from the "session marker", and 2) HUD showing new playback time in the chapter


Visual affordance in the Table of Contents shows where you started this playback session, and tapping on the session marker will snap back to when you first started; all in service of helping you find your place


Play/Pause functionality for the last-played audiobook is preserved even when closing the player, allowing users to navigate to other parts of the app; audio fades in at a rate commensurate to how long you've been away


Cover art skip navigation provides a gross-level affordance suitable for say, the gym or in the car; visual and audio feedback account for eyes-free navigation


(Still) the only  media player app that has landscape orientation… on both iPhone and iPad!


Works on CarPlay too!


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