SafeStake Community Roles & Rewards!

Please read the entire message to know exactly how this program works. There is no TL/DR version.

To encourage active participation in the ParaState/SafeStake Discord community, special roles will be automatically given to community members when they reach specific levels, based on the XP they have earned. Participate in the community, earn XP! Participate more, earn more!

We have created 5 levels of ‘SafeStake Warriors’ that you can achieve by being an active member of our Discord community. These five levels are based on the 4 largest moons orbiting Jupiter, as well as Saturn’s Rings, that Galileo discovered with a high-powered telescope he built.

Previously announced as ‘Weekly highest XP winners,’ 51,150 DVT tokens ($DVT) will be divided and awarded to those who achieve the following levels of ‘SafeStake Warriors’ on Discord by the time Galileo Testnet Stage 1 concludes:

<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> ‘SafeStake Europa Warrior’ - Discord Level 8 - pool of 3,650 $DVT


<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> ‘SafeStake Io Warrior’ - Discord Level 10 - pool of 5,000 $DVT


<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> ‘SafeStake Ganymede Warrior’ - Discord Level 12 - pool of 7,500 $DVT


<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> ‘SafeStake Callisto Warrior’ - Discord Level 15 - pool of 10,000 $DVT


<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> ‘SafeStake Saturn Ring Warrior’ - Discord Level 20 - pool of 25,000 $DVT


If you achieve any of these levels, your portion of the $DVT pool rewards will be distributed to your wallet after Galileo Testnet Stage 1 concludes. The pool rewards will be split evenly between the ‘members’ of each level.

For example: The SafeStake Europa Warrior $DVT pool of $3,650 tokens will be split amongst all the ‘members’ of that level who have achieved that role when stage 1 of Galileo testnet concludes. So, if there are 10 users that have earned that role when stage 1 ends, each will receive 365 $DVT. The same principle applies to all levels and pools of $DVT rewards.

Note: These levels are not ‘stackable’ - for example, when you earn Ganymede Warrior status, your Io Warrior status is removed. The level you are at when testnet concludes will determine your reward pool.

How It Works

While Galileo Testnet Stage 1 is running, every minute that you're messaging on Discord , you randomly gain between 15 and 25 XP. Earned XP will be distributed automatically by our MEE6 bot in Discord. To avoid spamming, earning XP is limited to once a minute per user by the bot as a default, however, some channels may have slowmode enabled to help reduce spamming as well. To see your current rank and level go to Discord channel #rank and type !rank. In Stage 2, we plan to incorporate more social channels in addition to Discord. IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT SPAM the server with excessive emojis, stickers, or short words (i.e. hi, bye, etc.). This behavior will not be tolerated and violators risk losing some or all of their XP points on our server.

Content Creators

In addition to the five SafeStake Warrior levels, we have created a Content Creator role dubbed ‘Starry Messenger,’ a reference to the short treatise Galileo wrote outlining his discovery of the four “stars” (actually moons) orbiting Jupiter. To earn the Starry Messenger role, create something original and great about SafeStake - a meme, tweet, blog post, piece of artwork… use your imagination to dream and dream big (like Galileo did)! Then, post it to your social media accounts, like Twitter etc. If your work meets our criteria, we’ll award you this coveted role along with the following amount of XP:

| --- | --- |

*Please note: The additional XP rewards for content creators are always up to the discretion of the Discord admins. Actual XP awarded may vary from the above amounts depending on creativity, originality, and quality. All rewards are limited to 2X per day per participant, regardless of the total amount of content submitted.