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House- & Housemate-Searching After College - Yale-NUS, March 2022

<aside> 🏠 I was invited by Annette Wu (’17) on behalf of the Office of Intercultural Engagement to facilitate a short workshop and Q&A session to help soon-graduating seniors get into the headspace for househunting. For better or worse, I’ve accumulated an above-average knowledge of renting in Singapore given my own efforts in searching, combined with a strange interest in this crucial component of ‘adulting,’ so I was glad to be able to give back to the YNC community and support this off-boarding initiative.





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[Singapore] Housing 101

Non-Tech Majors in Tech Panel - Yale-NUS, February 2022

<aside> 💻 I was invited to speak at a panel for fellow Yale-NUS Alumni who had done majors not conventionally associated with tech or engineering, but who have been working in that space after graduating. It was a really nice moment to come back to speak at my alma mater, and to get to be on stage with accomplished friends, talking to current students seeking jobs.

The conference had over 100 participants split between in-person and online attendance, and about 17 speakers sharing about tech in medicine, fashion, and more.