Task Check-in for Jira prompts participants to directly update the issues assigned to them during the Check-in/Standup time period and builds an aggregated report in the end. This way you get to see each person’s contribution while also keeping Jira updated.

Setting up Task Check-in

To setup Task Check-in in Slack, type the following command in any Slack channel.

/t checkin

Click on "New Check-in" and select "Task Check-in" to open the corresponding form. Alternatively, in the "Troopr Assistant" Home tab, click on "New team Check-in" and select "Task Check-in" from the drop-down.


Follow instructions in the "Task Check-in" creation form.


Customize the Check-in name, select the participants from the drop-down (it will show only the people who are mapped to a Jira account), pick a schedule to run the standup and chose the time zone. If you select user timezone, standup will prompt as per the user's local time. Click "Next"


Select Project, Board and Default issue status. The chosen issue status will be shown to participants by default (participants can choose any tasks for any status from the status filter and respond while answering the Check-in). Select "Add Questions" to add custom question that will. be prompted to the participants after they update the Jira issues. Click "Next"


By default, the report will come after 30 mins of the wait time, you can customize the wait time on this page. Select a channel where you want the report to be delivered. You also have an option to send the reports to individuals in your workspace. You can choose to have a report in Thread or in the channel. once done, click on "Submit"


You will get Notification of Standup creation, Click on "Enable" to start. You can also see the same in the Home tab of the App. After enabling you click on "Run Now" under "Other Actions" to have test run.

Answering Task Check-in

When it is time for the Check-in, participants will get a prompt like one below.