<aside> <img src="https://rustlabs.com/img/items180/note.png" alt="https://rustlabs.com/img/items180/note.png" width="40px" /> Modded servers usually wipe every 4 or 5 days, while vanilla servers wipe every 7 days. If there is a Facepunch forced wipe (which happens on the first Thursday of each month), all servers will be updated and wiped as per Facepunch's request. To check the in-game wipe calendar on modded 3R servers, type /wipecal in chat.

> Modded servers: HOMAGE: Map wipe every 4 days @ 4PM (CST) Full (BP) wipe every 12 days @ 4PM (CST)

AURORA: Map wipe every 5 days @ 1PM (CST) Full (BP) wipe every 15 days @ 1PM (CST)

> Vanilla servers: QUARTZ: Map wipe every 7 days (Thursday) @ 1PM (CST) Full (BP) wipe every month (Thursday) @ 1PM (CST)

> Fun servers: REIGN: Map wipe every 3 days @ 3PM (CST) Full (BP) wipe every 9 days @ 3PM (CST)