If you’re targeted with a request, you have a few options to take:

  1. Decline the request - Know that there’s no possible way you can be incentivized to fulfill the request? No problem, tap or click the Decline button on the request page. The request will be disabled and all backers will be notified of your choice.
  2. Accept the request - Ready to fulfill the request and ultimately claim the bounty? Tap or click the Accept button on the request page. By accepting the request, you’ll lock in the current pledges and inform the backers of your intent to fulfill their request. Once you’re ready to submit evidence of your fulfillment and claim the bounty, you’ll tap or click the Claim bounty button on the request page.
  3. Wait for the bounty to increase - Think you could be persuaded to fulfill a request if the bounty were to increase in size? Requests take time to gain support and bounties to grow. Waiting may be your best option.

<aside> 🔥 Tip: Take an active role in increasing the size of the bounty by sharing the request widely and communicating with potential backers.