Keeping a reading list is such a trip. Looking back it feels like what I read in January happened yearsss ago. It brings these books back to life and I realize just how much influence they have over me. How this practice really makes or breaks me.

I’m at my best when reading some great poetry, something inspiring activism or making art (or hopefully both), and great fiction or memoir that reads like fiction. Legit this combination brings my life to life. It helps me sleep and dream well and encourages making art and change. And I share this bit a lot, but it helps me realize shit doesn’t happen over night. Life doesn’t happen in a quick post. It takes time to unfold. There are so many deeper elements to things. I’m just as guilty as anyone of being triggered or thinking I have the whole story from a headline. What if we gave that story as much time as a couple hundred-page novel before reacting?

I was lucky enough to read some brilliant work this year. Here’s the list of books I finished. Would love to hear if you have any recommendations for me or if you’d be willing to share your list too. If you want to reach out here’s my email & IG.

Oh and some of these are long reviews and others next to nothing. This isn’t a judgment of the book itself, more so a look at my practices of writing and what was happening in life at the time. Same goes for photos as some I just couldn’t find in the stacks rn or returned before catching a flick!

Aight here goes. CREWLOVE

Everything (but poetry) I read in 2022


World of Hozho Book 1 & Tiny Little Book — Willie Maglothin

I would like to start things out with the 2 books my friend Willie wrote this year! They are both so touching and inspiring, both on their own, and for those lucky enough to know and love the author.

World of Hozho is ridiculous. Page after page of beautifully trippy artwork of the many characters of Hozho. All alongside detailed descriptions of their roles. This is one of the things your friend makes and you realize holy shit this must have taken so much time to put together! Every page is so cool, especially the special double-page fold-out drawings. WOW I can’t recommend this enough.

Little Tiny Book is a sweet lil journey into our feelings. It made most of us cry in the way that feels good. I want everyone I know to read it.

Check out Willie And buy some books and art!


Brother Alive — Zain Khalid

Wow. Such a complicated story weaving in and out. The type of book you just need to trust at times and keep going but so worth it. Very grateful I learned of this from an Alexander Chee social post.

Novelist as a Vocation — Haruki Murakami

A dope book for folks who like Murakami and I think for anyone pursuing any art. Super cut and dry inspo without much fluff. Just straightforward descriptions of the practices that work for him. Love this!