⚠️ Problem

Agencies are notoriously known for overpromising, under-delivering, having a toxic culture, and being an extremely difficult business model to scale with healthy margins.

🔭 Vision

Our vision is to be earth's most people-centric company; to build a vehicle of self-actualization

<aside> 💡 Our vision is an aspirational view of what we want to become. It's our collective purpose.


⭐ Mission

We strive to give the best experience and greatest results, with the utmost efficiency.

<aside> 💡 Our mission gives us guidance to "HOW" we will achieve our vision. It's our giant Polaris star.


⚖️ Core Values

  1. Be ALL in & think long term

  2. Reason from first principles

  3. Ground all decisions out of necessity

  4. Obsess over what's best for the client

  5. Be radically transparent & integrous

  6. Contrarian thinking rooted in high humility

  7. Bias for building, innovation, and execution

  8. Become the best version of yourself & empower others to do the same

🚧 Note: we are currently working on simplifying our core values & adding in a detailed description below each to make them more clear! 🚧

♾️ The Four-Fronts

There are four-fronts we are endlessly striving to win.