Liyab is an e-learning startup focused on helping Gen Z Filipinos in their transition to working life and adulthood.

To Gen Z Filipinos who want to pursue careers in tech

<aside> 💡 You are born at a time when technology was already disrupting day-to-day human behaviors. At the time where you can transform a paper idea into a digital product overnight. And you are here with everyone else under this pandemic trying to survive it. It is beyond words how this pandemic has affected and crippled many of our families, friends, and businesses. But I say to you, try to see — force yourself to see the limelight. The pandemic happened at a time where there is internet already. Had it not been there before, it is unimaginable how harder or a disaster it could have been. The pandemic happened at a time where you are there. The perfect time for you to decide to take advantage of the technology knowledge you have ever since you were born. Seek to learn technology to help not only yourself but those under served as well. Go and Tech with purpose.


To women who want to make a difference in the field of tech

<aside> 💡 Make small incremental changes and tell yourself today that you can do it. Relentlessly find and work with a support group that can reinforce your purpose, strengths and weaknesses. Find your tribe.


Karen Matala is the CTO of 1Export. She is the orchestrator of the company-wide technology strategy. She makes sure that 1Export can rapidly, reliably, and incrementally deliver customer discovery-driven products to market. Karen is a member and a PHP Lead at Women Who Code Manila. She is also a graduate of Google Women Developer Academy, SG. Her team emerged as the champion of Startup Weekend for Women Philippines held last September 2018.

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