The concept of the alert is very simple: we alert you by email if the raw materials you are following vary, according to the parameters you have pre-set.

For example, alerts allow you to move from a defensive posture towards your supplier ("he always takes the lead") to an offensive posture ("you are aware, so you trigger the meeting at the right time").

Create an alert

Creating an alert is very simple. You can either do it from a raw material, by clicking in the top right corner on the button "Create a new alert". Or in the Analysis -> Alerts -> Create an alert, by choosing the raw material from a drop-down list.

<aside> 💡 You can also program alerts on your custom dataseries, your cost models or your coefficient dataseries


Once the raw material is selected, you have to define the triggering conditions.

An alert can be of 2 types, "raw variation" or "threshold crossing".


  1. Raw variation

You are invited to enter a % increase and/or decrease. The tool calculates and shows you directly the limit values for exceeding the two thresholds.

Then click on Create alert, and the alert is saved. You will then be alerted when one of the thresholds is exceeded.

  1. Threshold crossing

You can enter an superior and/or inferior threshold.