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Progress Tracker

Timonwa created this tracker. Read about how it impacted her life.

What is the Progress Tracker about?

This 2023 Progress Tracker is designed to help you track goals, accomplishments, and progress throughout the year in a clear, organized way. It can track growth, measure progress, and record lessons learned. Utilizing this document, you can stay focused and on track to reach your goals for the year, allowing you to reflect on past and present successes and create an actionable plan for the future. Additionally, this document can identify weaknesses and areas of improvement, helping guide your decisions and strategies for the upcoming year.

How do I use the Progress Tracker?

  1. Write your end-of-year review for 2022 on the 2022 In Review page.
  2. Write your guide for 2023 on the 2023 Guide page.
  3. List out your goals for 2023 on the 2023 Goals page.
  4. As you make accomplishments, record them on the 2023 Accomplishments page.
  5. Write a summary or review of your week or month in the 2023 Reviews page at the end of the week or month.
  6. When December arrives, we start all over again.