Of all the many choices you make in college, picking your major is one of the most exciting and stressful. While your major is necessary for certain career paths more than others, it certainly will affect the rest of your college career. It’ll decide how many courses you have to take in which areas, and, in many cases, affect the rest of your schedule at least a little. But no doubt! Take College Major Personality Quiz to find out what major will be most suitable for you. Then, come back to discover everything you require to answer the question: What should you major in?

However, you may not be sure about which area you want to major in yet! If that’s your situation, zero in on one of the fields that interest you and take a glance at your results. If they don’t feel right, or you’re yet not entirely sure, jump into another area that you’re interested in. Keep going till you have a knowledge of what you want to major in–and if you’re still wavering, read on for even more ways to decide!

How Do I Choose a College Major?

What should you major in? In actual college style, we’re going to answer your question with another question: what matters to you? It’s a notable open question, but that’s because so many parts can influence your decision. These include:

Answering these questions is just a jumping-off point. Once you have an accurate concept of what you want out of a major in thought, take a glance at what your college offers. Making an arrangement with a guidance counselor, and then some leaders of the department is a fantastic next step.

What Are All the Majors in College?

Whoa, there. How long do you have? The most immediate answer to this question is the view on your college’s website. Most schools will have a listing of possible majors on their undergraduate admissions websites. Looking at the departmental list can also be effective, though be warned that there may be various different paths of study allowed within a single department.

A lot of students will study these lists and use them to highlight areas that especially interest them, but don’t worry if you’re yet feeling lost. Crossing majors off is another way to support narrow your center. This system can also support you narrow down your choices if you’re trying to determine where to go to college and you’re concerned they won’t have a major you’re interested in. The biggest thing to hold in mind? Not all colleges will have all majors, so if you’re lifeless set on becoming a forestry or marine biology major, or those are at the top of your list, take that into thought as you want.

What Jobs Can Art Majors Take?

Maybe you’ve taken the tests, hoping to answer the question, “What should I major in?”, and we’ve suggested studio art or another art major. Or maybe you’re doubtful about taking that quiz at all, despite your wishes. The possibility might fulfill you with excitement—and maybe a little bit of fear, too.

Whether you’re questioning what you can do with an art major, or just afraid you’ll have to keep it to your parents, be encouraged that there are many, many opportunities open to you after college. From gallerist to a graphic designer, artist to the teacher, you’re not shutting yourself off by taking an art major—you’re opening yourself up to a big world of possibilities.

What Degree Do You Pursue?