<aside> 🚨 This guide was created using Giraffe 2.8. The current version of Giraffe is 4.1. We plan to update this soon! Most actions are the same. If you need any help, reach out to your account team.



The Places app allows you to create a presentation in Giraffe that can be shared internally among your team and selected other users, or published publicly for anyone to view.

You can curate multiple scenarios for your project, each of which can control:

In addition, you can inject your own brand into Giraffe by changing the theme colors and logo for viewers of your project.

Adding Places to a Project

Places can be added to any project by a user that has been given access to it through the marketplace. It is managed on a per project basis. Talk to us about getting yourself or your organisation access.

Once a user or their organization/workspace has been given access, they add it to a project using this button on the top right:


Getting Started

Once Places has been added to your project, open it in the right bar using the app selector.

The Places editor will then appear in the right-bar.


<aside> ⚠️ The Places editor allows you to quickly edit and preview your presentation. Unlike editing on the map, Places data is not automatically saved. Don't close the editor by switching apps or closing Giraffe without first saving your changes with the button at the bottom of the editor.


Edit Mode and Preview Mode

At the bottom of the editor is a button to switch to Preview Mode. Clicking this means that you will see what viewers of your project will see with a few minor differences:

The Project Section

The first section in the editor allows you to edit:

  1. Project title (also editable in preview mode)
  2. Project description (also editable in preview mode)
  3. An image uploader for image(s) that a viewer can scroll through in an image carousel

These are for adding project level information that will always appear at the top of the right bar to viewers, no matter which scenario is selected

Project text and image displayed in presentation mode

Project text and image displayed in presentation mode


The theming section in the editor allows you to modify Giraffe's look and feel to viewers of the project. You can set:

<aside> ℹ️ Unlike changes to right-bar content, you need to save changes (using the button on the bottom right) to the theming before they will be applied in preview mode.



Scenarios are the building blocks of Places, similar to slides in a traditional presentation. While they are called "scenarios" in the documentation, a more appropriate word for your use case might be stages, phases, options or something else.

Each scenario consists of: