At Symbionic, we aspire to build an organisation that our members, our employees and our investors are proud to associate themselves with. We strive for -

Are you interested to learn what life @ Symbionic is like?

Our values will give you a flavour of Symbionic:

  1. Don’t say, do! (action bias is the key)

    1. But, delegate if possible.
    2. And, coach where possible.
    3. Impatience with action, patience with results.
  2. Move fast but learn faster

    1. Always optimize for speed.

    2. But, emphasise velocity, not just speed.

    3. ‘Dead ends’ are turning points and not roadblocks

    4. Act like a business owner not an employee

    We are all equally responsible for the vision we stand for and we believe that when we become a team of people that truly takes ownership of that vision - is when we will reach our potential to change the world!

  3. Stakeholders First

    1. We build empathy with our stakeholders- their problems are our challenges.
    2. We build products thoughtfully to enrich our stakeholder’s lives.
  4. Disagree thoughtfully but commit to forward action

    1. You are responsible for sharing your views
    2. But, you are also responsible for team decisions
  5. Be biased towards over communication

    1. Documentation is to be our religion.
    2. err on the side of clarity.
    3. pick up your phone - walk to their stations - slack it.

Our values are a work-in-progress; we look forward to your thoughts, comments & feedback!

Here is some stuff you can check out to learn more about who we are and what we build.

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