We want you to work on a problem we currently have right now. You'll find in this document all information a designer would have to start thinking about it in Lalilo.

We do not expect completed screens but more a deep analysis of the problem and propositions to answer it (drawings, wireframes, etc). If an information is missing to help you build your case, feel free to write down some hypothesis.

We assume the time needed to complete this work to be 3h.


To start having students using the product, teachers need to:

They can do it fully on desktop and partly on mobile for now. Indeed, on mobile after the account is created we ask the teacher to finish his.her onboarding on desktop.

The teacher dashboard ins't usable on mobile for now.

Problems we have

You can find a summary of all problems we identified right now on the onboarding in this presentation

Why we want to solve them?

We want to