Marketing qualified lead

  1. Contact (this is a person matching your ideal customer profile definition)
  2. Positive response (all responses that are not negative or neutral e.g. ("thumbs up" or "OK") can be considered as positive)
  3. Meeting booked (communicate the value of the 15 minutes introduction meeting)

Sales qualified Lead

  1. Bonding and Rapport (don't forget to double-check exact responsibilities and role within the company)
  2. Up-Front Contract (Gain support and collaboration towards either qualification or disqualification)
  3. Pain (quantify negative consequences of problems and challenges in monetary terms)


  1. Goal (clarify attractiveness and quantify positive implications in monetary terms)
  2. Plan (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA); clarify timelines and urgency)
  3. Budget & Authority (clarify decision making process to know every stakeholder who needs to be involved)


  1. Story (present your solution and verify if is 100% a good fit)
  2. Negotiation (send your proposal and handle final objections)
  3. Close (gain understanding why the prospects decides to buy or not to buy)