Hey there! In this article, we will explain how to accept a booking as a vendor on Offsyte.

<aside> 🔥 We have two types of bookings: instant and request-to-book.


Instant booking

Instant booking listings display a ⚡ icon. When a customer confirms the time slot and pays, the booking is accepted and confirmed automatically (or reserved automatically if your listing requires guest registration for shipping). You will receive a confirmation email containing all of the booking details.

💡 Why should I use instant booking?

<aside> 🙌 We always recommend using instant booking if you can - it eliminates back-and-forth for the best possible user experience.



The opposite of instant booking! When a customer confirms a time slot, we'll send you an email with the details. You can either respond to the email to accept the booking, work with us to tweak the details, or decline the booking.

💡 Why should I use request-to-book?

To update your listing's booking type, please contact us.