We are looking for a highly structured and all-round Operations Manager seeking to define and build operational processes at Heights.

About Heights

We're here to help you do more of what you want, for longer in your life, by making braincare simple.

You might spend hundreds a month on skincare, but not a penny on your brain? That’s where Heights comes in. The wellness industry is worth over a trillion dollars. Let’s put some of that towards our heads.

We're building a new paradigm, putting braincare on the map through our unique mix of science, community, content, and direct-to-consumer products that work as well for individuals as they do for the planet.

Most supplement regimes are hard to maintain. We’ve experienced that ourselves, and want to make it easy for everyone to enjoy the benefits of good nutrition. We also work with experts to create clever, useful content with ideas for looking after yourself better, every day.

Our Chief Science Officer, Dr Tara Swart (world leading neuroscientist, best selling author, MIT lecturer) and Head of Nutrition Research, dietitian Sophie Medlin (Chair of London Dietitians Association), have combined to create the top-rated supplement on Trustpilot.


The Launch Product

Our first product is the Smart Supplement—20 essential nutrients in two capsules a day, delivered through the letterbox. And our commitment to sustainability means that the supplement is 100% plant-based, and sent in biodegradable packaging.

This year, we aim to launch our second product—a braincare journal and next year a psychobiotic with the potential to revolutionise the sector.


The Team

We’re a small team, remote-first (although many of us live in or around London). We believe that transparency and compassion are the keys to success. If we can’t reflect that within the team, then we aren’t succeeding. We live by, embody, and enforce our company values, ensuring they aren’t just fluffy brand language but behaviours we commit to living and breathing.

Our values are: