Why did I create this? Schedule your day. Stay motivated. Reach your USMLE goal score.

📜⬇️Make a study plan that you can stick to ⬇️📜

No more confusing Excel documents.... 😅

                                                                                        No more confusing Excel documents.... 😅

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<aside> ➡️ Fully customizable plan with UWorld, First Aid, & Pathoma! Everything is in one location for easy study and productivity.


<aside> ➡️ Based on David Allen's 'Getting Things Done' - ✅ The #1 Evidence-Based Productivity 📖


<aside> 🔥 This product comes with a free Zoom session with me & I am always here for q! 🛑


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USMLE Principles of Productivity & Study Schedule [2021]

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