UTM parameters are really important to track your marketing efforts. Fortunately, HockeyStack shows you your UTM links inside the dashboard under sources without any effort.

Why Do You Need UTM Parameters?

UTM parameters help website owners uncover the "dark" traffic.

The majority of the traffic comes from "direct".

Dark traffic includes clicks from emails, from docs like this one, from mobile messengers, bookmarks, people typing in the URL directly into the browser, websites that don't give analytics tools a referrer, such as Discord, and much more. Site owners cannot see which referrer sources are sending that traffic.

With UTM parameters, you will be able to differentiate one from the other.

How Do I Use UTM Parameters?

To create your UTM parameters, you can use a website like UTM Builder.

On UTM Builder and HockeyStack dashboard, you see UTM Source, Medium, and Campaign.

Let me explain them:

UTM Source:

The name of the campaign source where you plan to share the link.

Such as Facebook, Google, Reddit, etc.

The utm_source parameter is required as it's the most important part of the tracking.

UTM Medium:

The group or category of the source. For example: