📣 December 2022

This December we are providing new functionalities within our Community Channel set-up.

🌟 New: Reported Posts: New Channel Settings

We have introduced new community channel settings options when working with the Reported Posts feature. Moderators, channel owners, community managers or any user who has access to community channel settings are now able to:

Why is this useful?

Having additional options when working with the Reported Posts feature increases the flexibility in moderating the community settings and your students’ experience while using Campus App.

How does it work?

When editing a channel, you will see the options to toggle on/off “Hide Reported Posts and Comments Automatically From The Channel’ along with a field to set a number for maximum reports (the default number of reports needed to hide a post or comment). See the below example:

Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 1.07.28 PM.png

📣 November 2022

We continue to work towards improving the user experience on our platform. This month we are releasing new formatting options in Forms that add more flexibility and differentiation to the content you create and your students use.

Additionally, Forms have a new block type called “Text Explanation” which allows conditional feedback to be added throughout the form

🌟 New: Rich Text in Forms

Forms can now include videos, images, links, and formatted text. You can design each results page to link students directly to resources and additional forms.

Admins can now take these actions in Forms within Campus Cloud: