The Story

Simpoli is an app to simply current events and host political debates amongst the youth. Simpoli started as a project under Empowering Youth Action, which is an advocacy org I'm a part of, but we eventually spun it out as its own project. I lead a team of around 20 students, mostly writers and social media marketers in building this platform.

The idea came about after the events of January 6th, which showed us that the US is generally moving towards tribalism too much and just generally dislikes discourse. We wanted to limit misinformation while also incentivizing and making discussions more fun, so we gamified both.

Simpoli was super fun because we used internal tools with firebase to build it. I also absolutely love the UI, which a super talented guy at my school and I designed.

The Pitch


Simpoli aims to reengage the public in necessary political discussions, so our articles and debates prioritize clarity and accessible argumentation.


At Simpoli, we understand the importance of multiple perspectives. That’s why we only intervene in debates when we see misinformation.


The team at Simpoli has spent countless hours developing an engaging and fun user interface and experience to make politics engaging.


While using Simpoli, everyone receives equal, free access to our debates and political events. We will never ask for payment or show ads.





Awesome writers


Simpoli: Let's Take Back the Discussion