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<aside> 🗓️ Availability

I am currently working on freelance projects on Fridays only. (and sometimes weekends)


<aside> 🪜 My process involves

  1. Research Benchmarking, mood boarding etc.
  2. Sketching/collaging Traditional or digital
  3. 2-4 design variations to choose from
  4. A max of 3 changes to the design ...before a rate of $50 p/h is applied.
  5. Export package


<aside> ✉️ Get in contact

Design solutions are not a simple commodity and your needs are unique.

I price per project and then $50 p/h for any additional work.

Let’s talk*

** Having a full brief ready for me & knowing what you want will help greatly. I am talking words that describe your vision/brand, inspiration imagery, measurements, quantities, paper stocks, finishing choices, preferred printers etc. I am happy to advise/consult to a degree, but I don’t have time to support any indecisive behaviour.

This will not only speed up the design process and get assets to your inbox quciker, but it will also save me, a time-poor creative a lot of pain.*


✳️ Branding (logo)

Let’s keep it simple

Too easy. This is what you get:

<aside> ⌚ Expected turnover

You: I know what I want. I have everything organised for you. Roughly 1-2 days of work (over 3 weeks)

You: I am undecided and often change my mind. Weeks. (Not for those with a deadline)