1. Nomination (open indefinitely): Community members may nominate themselves and each other during this time. The Google form has been updated and the link will remain open indefinitely to aid in the collection of nominations for future grant cycles. We will also post a high-level overview of the grant process with the nomination link for transparency.

Nomination link: https://bit.ly/3OxDmLZ Q4 Nominations are currently being accepted.

| Quarter | Nomination Period |
| --- | --- |
| 1 | January 1 - March 31 |
| 2 | April 1- June 30 |
| 3 | July 1 - September 30 |
| 4 | October 1 - December 31 |
  1. Eligibility Check (estimate: 1 week): An eligibility review will be conducted to filter out contributions that may have already received a grant and nominations for contractor or Regional Community Manager contributions. Contractors, including Regional Community Managers, are not eligible to receive grants for work that may be outlined in their contract.
  2. Nominee Questionnaire (estimate: 2 weeks): The nominee questionnaire will be shared with contributors who make it past the eligibility review phase. This questionnaire allows community members to share relevant information about their work and to gain more ownership in surfacing all their contributions and the positive impact that they have made. If the nominee questionnaire is not submitted within the given timeline, the work of the nominee cannot be evaluated properly and it will not be able to receive a grant. The contribution can be considered for a grant again in the next quarter.
  3. Evaluation (estimate: 2 weeks): The Mina Foundation will evaluate all contributions based on the input provided in the previous steps (nomination form, and nominee questionnaire) and the additional criteria are shown in the evaluation tool here
  4. Announcement (estimate: 1 week): A full list of eligible nominees will be shared along with the nomination form link and a reminder for contributors to nominate themselves and others for the Q3 grants.
  5. KYC Onboarding (estimate: 3-4 weeks): All potential grantees will receive KYC onboarding and will move forward to the payout phase if they successfully pass the KYC process and agree to all required legal documentation.
  6. Grant Payout (estimate: 2-3 weeks): We anticipate the USDC grants payouts process to start after the deadline for the KYC onboarding has passed.

For any questions related to this process, please ask them in the #grants channel on Mina's discord server.  (http://bit.ly/MinaDiscord)