Internships are a great opportunity for us to benefit from more diversity, share our know-how and improve our teaching skills.

If you’re starting with us as an intern, welcome! This section will help you make the most of your time with our team.

How you fit in

Interns are as much part of our team as everyone else. That means that our general approaches to business and collaboration apply to you in the same way, first and foremost our guiding principles.

The person responsible for making your internship a success is you. We’re here to provide you with an environment in which you can be successful.

Working in a distributed team can be a challenge at first, especially if you have no or only little work experience. We try to compensate for this fact by investing significantly more time into the guidance and support of new team members, especially interns.

How to make your internship a success

Here are a few recommendations so you get the most out of your internship:

Your mentor

Apart from the fact that you’re free to reach out to any team member, your mentor is the main person you’ll be working with. He or she will guide you from day one. They’ll make sure you get to know the team and our way of working.

Usually, your mentor will have a daily time slot reserved for you. Make good use of this time slot by preparing all the questions and issues you’d like to discuss; ideally you send them this list in advance of your meeting.

Additionally, we have a dedicated Slack channel named #internship where you will communicate with your mentor and other team members. As described in our communication guidelines, this doesn’t necessarily mean people will be able to answer immediately. If you do have to get someone’s attention quickly, try an @mention. However, be considerate; we all try to apply the same focus to our work that you expect from us with regard to your own matters.

Internship schedule

We try to define clear goals and expectations for each internship. You’ll find them in your Internship Schedule, complete with assignments and questions. We expect you to document your work in a corresponding Internship Results document.

As you go along, simply copy each new section title from the Internship Schedule to the Results document and add a subsection heading for each assignment or question. Use this subsection to share what you’ve learned and achieved.

Internship Journal

On a more general level, it’s always helpful both for you, your mentor and the whole team if we can see what’s working well and where we should consider making improvements. That’s why we encourage you to write a weekly Internship Journal in which you can share your progress, the issues you’re dealing with and your overall experience.