The IMX Tokenomics Portal will give the Immutable X community visibility into the operations of the IMX token and the protocol more broadly. Our goal is to maximize transparency with the community without giving away important competitive information or other requirements.

This Portal will be updated on a monthly basis (around last Friday of the Month).

Next expected update: ~4 November 2022

<aside> 📣 Announcements $IMX token unlock playbook—see details here   Re-locking supply 🔒   HODLers continuing to HODL   New HODLers covering $IMX from early holders

TL;DR: We’re aiming that $IMX hitting the market will be minimal with this unlock


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IMX Core Thesis

Tools and information

Protocol Metrics

Grants Dashboard

Supply Schedule

Staking Rewards

Historical data

Trading Rewards - Daily reward dashboard

IMX Staking : Eligibility

<aside> 🔗 More details on the IMX token and mechanics can be found in the whitepaper


Note: None of this is financial advice nor guarantees of any sort of return financial return. Please do your own research.

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