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All About Pitch Decks: A crucial part of the fundraising process is having a stellar pitch deck. So, we conducted research, chatted with our networks, and used our own experience as founders to track down some of the best information on the internet. Enjoy - and reach out to us if you’ve seen any other great resources recently!

<aside> 💡 How to use this page: Scroll below to view the pitch deck resource databases. Each card has a description, notes (for more info about the resource), and a link to view the website we're referencing. Questions/Comments/Suggestions? Email: Last Updated: Feb 24, 2021


Pitch Deck Analytics:

We first thought it would be helpful to showcase a great source of analytics. The link below has analytics for both pre-seed and seed pitch decks. Including how long investors spend on each page.

Pitch Deck Round-Ups:

This section includes a round-up of venture-backed startups over the past few years. The first few links show a collection of starts up that you’ve likely heard of before as well as some lesser-known but equally successful startups. Takeaway: Business Insider has a plentiful list of recent (2019/2020) pitch decks.

Pitch Deck Roundup

Example Pitch Decks from Startups You May Know:

These pitch deck examples are frequently mentioned in articles and blog posts. Given that they catch the eye and attention of many folks online, we wanted to point you directly to them. Check them out below:

Startups You May Know