NotSoLiquid aims to discover the best way to provide liquidity to VCs while keeping the most value from their portfolios.

To do so, we started interviewing European and US VC Funds.

So far, we've conducted more than 30 interviews, and here is what we discovers :

Strategy ☄️

Our first idea was to only provide line by line selling in order to keep the most value of each company a fund intend to sell.

There is actually a lot more liquidity possibilities, in order to access all the demand available in the market.

We want to provide GPs with a "one-stop shop" platform for liquidity issues:

Line by line selling: optimise your portfolio value by selling line by line.

Focus 🙇‍♂️

Our focus will not be on the "Stars" of the portfolio (i.e. on the unicorn trajectory), even if we could do this on an opportunistic basis, since those companies are liquids.

There are several companies that exit the VC thesis or take more time to bloom. These companies are are still very qualitative for other types of investors.

Next steps 🏃‍♂️

In the end, NotSoLiquid will be a product, but before rushing to our CTO and ask him to create the platform we have envisioned, we want to execute deals.

We already put our hand on 6 deals (still counting) in order to built a track record and understand what could be automated inside the platform.

We are live! 🖐

Today, NotSoLiquid can review your portfolio and see if there is some line you intend to sell. We are taking care of it!