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The Role

About Nourish

<aside> 💡 Our mission is to simplify nutrition for every person and expand access to personalized, evidence-based nutritional counseling.


Nourish (formerly iLiveWell Nutrition) is the country’s largest telenutrition platform connecting individuals with registered dietitians (RDs). We connect people in need of nutritional counseling with a world-class RD via telehealth and allow them to pay using their health insurance. This enables RDs to see patients without the administrative burden of dealing with insurers while helping individuals find great nutritional care they can afford.

Our Vision

If we can accomplish our ambitious mission, we will make the following vision a reality.

  1. RDs are “mainstream” — Access to nutritional counseling is universal and it is common for people to consistently work with an RD throughout their lives.
  2. People are no longer confused about nutrition — We provide a trusted source of evidence-based, compassionate nutrition information and tools to enable people to eat and live well.
  3. People live healthier, longer lives using food as medicine — We improve quality of life for every person by helping people maintain and improve their health via nutrition.