Cointools Introduction

Venturing into the crypto space is both an exhilarating and a daunting experience. For beginner investors, there is euphoria as one explores the untapped nature of what the blockchain presents, but at the same time, there is confusion and anxiety as resources are scarce. For advanced investors, there is a shortage of resources to view charts, manage portfolios, and research potential investing venues—there is nothing that allows for the flexibility.

Cointools is an interactive hyper-tool that empowers any investor with any level of experience. From managing and tracking one's portfolio across multiple blockchains, to researching and following different tokens, Cointools caters a unique experience that truly maximizes ones trading experience to the fullest.

Our Mission

Empower each investor, at any level, and maximize their trading experience


The explosion and popularity of cryptocurrency is still difficult to comprehend, even for the most advanced traders. There are various resources around, but often quickly get out-dated, or stick with limited functionality to keep-up with the fast-paced scale of how quickly blockchain evolves.

Everything seems to be in the fast lane and to effectively stay 'in' the game, one has to always be on their toes. There are so many various aspects that are involved as an investor, and as one becomes more familiar with the space, the more challenging it becomes. Often times, this results in relying on several outlets of dependable resources that is used for one feature (e.g., charts, holder information, transactions, portfolio tracking, etc.).

For example, in the recent 2021 bullrun, there was a shift in transition from traditional investment methods through Centralized Exchanges (CEX) to Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). There was also another fundamental shift towards cross-chain migration as well. This brings stark awareness to the need of having something flexible, versatile, accurate, and adaptable with the changing shifts.


Cointools provides four core features:

  1. Favorites Page: to track and keep an eye on any coins
  2. Wallet Sync: Connect your wallet and reflect all of the coins you have (BSC or ETH)
  3. Portfolio: Have coins elsewhere (e.g., cold-wallet, exchange)? Custom add tokens to your fully customizable portfolio page.
  4. Market Profile: Track all the relevant information stored on the blockchain (e.g., holder amount, transactions, charts etc.) in one place.

Each of these features are completely under the user's control, where one can freely move, add, or remove any feature as they need.

Now, investors with any level of experience can rely on one powerful tool. Whether it is to manage their comprehensive portfolio to tack and maintain, or to even learn and explore, anyone can rely on just one tool: Cointools.

The Cointools eco-structure

Unlike anything you've ever seen before, Cointools presents one of the most comprehensive tools that every trader looks for: One instrument under your control.

01. The application demo

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