🗓️ 2020 – 2021

🖥️ East35, Austin TX

About Search Nurture

Search Nurture is a digital marketing campaign manager that provides insights for sales in Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart. Their tools were all developer made and needed foundational restructuring. There is absolutely no branding in the tools and we pursued pure user flows as a bedrock for later branding iterations.

Dashboard Concept

High level data feed for keyword campaigns across multiple retailers.


Keyword Collections

The main component sales agents work with are keywords. Agents create keywords and map them to positive and negative search results (eg searching "shampoo" in Amazon should tie to "Shampoo", "Women's Hair Products", "Aussie", etc.). Collections is a means to manage large groups of keywords that are mapped to specific client products.


Negative Keyword Collections

Knowing a keyword won't show up on a search results page is nearly as important as the right keyword showing up. Similar to the example above, adding "conditioner" to a negative keyword list for a shampoo client is a distilled version of its use case.