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[How to get from the airport (Brussels) to Ghent by train](https://www.notion.so/How-to-get-from-the-airport-Brussels-to-Ghent-by-train-a1958de24ee1455aaf39afe6a614f5ee)

Pre-arrival online Q&A sessions

↗️ Visa and residence permit for Belgium

↗️ Solvency and blocked account

↗️ Arrival in Belgium: what about Covid?

↗️ How to get from the airport (Brussels) to Ghent by train



↗️ International Admission Desk

↗️ International Support Team

↗️ Development Cooperation Office

↗️ Faculty Committees for Internationalisation

↗️ **Welcome Team of the Department of Personnel & Organization** (PhD candidates)

↗️ City map with Ghent Univeristy campuses, restaurants, halls of residence, ...

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