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👩🏻‍🎨Designer- Take inspirations from different projects & exploration by pushing my boundaries.

Marketing Assistant- Collaborate with marketing strategy and brand to convey valuable story

🖥️Content Creator- By using media raise consumer's awareness and satisfaction on brand and allow them to be a part of brand's community

About Me

👋🏼Hello. This is Jina. I'm a communication designer and marketing assistant.

My practice explores conceptualizing and research driven design, whilst working between different design disciplines and marketing projects as well. Over the past two years I have completed projects involving print and media, branding and video production. I'm also passionate about creating contents and strategies for brand and marketing campaigns. These points represent my main motivation.


🔥Passionate- Look to learn from and grow in a collaborative environment.

😎Trendy- Constant research and study to find a better way

🧐Curious- Alway question and think 'why'

🤩Creative- Ability to look at the world with fresh eyes.

👀Delicate- Have strong attention to details

🥰Caring- Able to assimilate into new team environment with keen interpersonal skills.




Typography, Digital Marketing, Brand Experience, Motion Graphic, Communication Design