My vision for Hours is to be a study tool for all kinds of students. I want Hours to be put into the hands of millions of students around the world, and give them an opportunity to use this tool to their fullest potential, together. Productivity drives achievement, and we want to help make this as easy as possible for students, improving their lives in one of the few ways that outsiders can.

In short, we want to provide a universal tool to help students 10x their productivity.

In order to achieve this vision, there are many values that are integral to our success. Here are the values that we have stayed true to and will continue to uphold for the foreseeable future:


No matter what position you’re in, you should be able to use Hours. I’ve had friends without email addresses or any online presence, and I don’t want to leave anyone out from using a tool that should be in the hands of every student in the world.


Everything from feature ideas to interface implementations takes into consideration the simplicity of the product as a whole, and how easily a student can go from a newbie to a well-understanding, avid user.


There will always be a free version of Hours that is extremely usable and enjoyable. If and when Hours is monetized in the future, though the product may be restricted to incentivize paying a premium price for it, there will always be a free version that is beneficial and helpful on all levels.

Students first

Students will always be front and center. From our early stages until now, our users have been super close to our team, and very involved in our community. We hold events, we ask for feedback, and we operate all on the basis that we care about our users, and in turn, they care about us.

The study community as a whole is a very wholesome and amazing community - I want Hours to be a resource, a tool, and a hub that they can indulge in and take advantage of to strengthen bonds and productivity, launching them into a better place than where they are now.