<aside> ❗ Make sure you understand the concepts in Connecting to Data


You can find an example for the different data source formats here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RVntBrC1GkWoYY0qRQpm3H5vsa7y7mBe-BPQ7dZEIns

Basic Time-Series


This is an example of the time-series format.

<aside> 🚨 Make sure that the values are actually formatted as Numbers, not Text.


<aside> 🚨 Make sure that Google Sheets understands the Dates. Only then Causal can read them properly. The =ISDATE() function in Google Sheets can be used to check that.


With Categories


This is an example of the time-series format with categories included. You can include several categories in your Google Sheet.

With Linked Categories