A great sport to train your core body and balance.


If you live in the Helsinki capital area then there is this live updated map of ice skating rinks (most have free entry) and their ice conditions. Check before you go.


My favorite rinks are:



Some rinks offer rental services but it's better to buy your own skates as these tend to be more worn out (less control on ice) and would not fit your feet very well. Check from recycling centers for some good deals.

Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd

5 Things All hockey players should know about skates before buying

Your ice skates should have the same size as your everyday boots. The major brands have different lines of skates to fit different foot width: D for standard, E for wide and EE for extra wide.

How to Find Your Hockey Skate Size & Fit at Home

Other Gears

Bring protective gloves as you will land on your palm a lot. Also bring a thick pair of socks as ice skates, especially the cheaper hockey skates, are quite hard on your feet. Bring an extra pair of socks because the skating pair will get quite wet.


Most free ice skating rinks don't have enough lockers and many people just leave their stuff out in the open in the common changing room when they go out to skate. Prepare a bag to store your shoes and belongings. Bring the minimum amount of things you need and not too expensive shoes. Always keep important stuff on your body.