Why should we reboot the Internet?

Hello, World!

I remember why I thought that computers were cool - they were programmable intelligence! It seemed magical that computers would obey my commands when I wrote code. What fun! All the boring but useful things we could now get robots to do! Hurrah for humanity!

Did you experience this type of fascination and a sense of wonder? The sense of limitless possibilities? The idea of creative abundance and financial progress for the whole world? A better planet because we could harness the power of automated intelligence as a service?

Why Shoptype | Awake Ventures

Goodbye Cruel World

Why are we not making That happen? Why do we live in this current ... situation?

Are You A Hacker?

Coseller Protocol needs you. It’s Time To Build Together.

We need all good computer scientists and hackers to rally together ... We will launch permanent Awake Codes retreats in Goa, India (some day!) and in other cities around the world. But until we do, we’re here in the multiverse, and we can use the Internet to fix the Internet.

Game Developers and Metaverse Builders

Integrate Coseller Protocol into your in-game and in-app economics to empower your entire community to participate in the game of Coselling. Now metizens and gamers can drive real world value for themselves and the virtual worlds they love!