What is Dev First Quest?

Welcome to the BanklessDAO Developers Guild!

If you've landed on this page, you're off to a great start. Dev First Quest is our official onboarding process for the Developers guild. It's designed to be our way of easing people new to the DAO into the guild by giving them a series of pointers detailing how to get involved and how to find worthwhile projects to get started.

You can begin first quest by jumping to the First Quest Playbook section below, adding your name to the current cohort, introducing yourself in the discord, and working through the items in the playbook.

Cohorts last approximately 6 weeks, but if you don't complete all the tasks in one, you can simply rollover to the next. At the end of the cohort, there is a roundup call to close off the onboarding process, at which point we invite graduates to put themselves forward to help run the first quest program and keep improving it.

Why should I do the First Quest?

First, the first quest items will give you a great overall exposure to the developers guild: who we are, what we are working on, who are the key players, where are the issues, etc.


Secondly, it will guide you towards making your first meaningful contributions in the areas that are most needed. BanklessDAO is a self-described "Do-ocracy" - we value people who are willing to get involved and get started, so First Quest is designed to help you work out how best to do that.

Thirdly, you can get PAID!

Isn't there already a BanklessDAO First Quest?