<aside> 💡 Notion tip: Document workplace injustices in this customizable database. Role-specific templates offer helpful prompts, giving guidance and information on additional steps you can take. Keep all records in your own private workspace — only you will have access to your notes. Learn more about Kim's framework at First Round, and through the Just Work website.


We can create the kind of environments in which everyone can do the best work of their lives and enjoy working together. Workplace injustice may feel monolithic, but if we break it down into its component parts, we can begin to match solutions to problems. — Kim Scott

In Kim’s framework, she identifies the different roles we play — leader, upstander, person harmed, person who caused harm — and the different levels of harm that can occur in a workplace — bias, prejudice, and bullying. The database below gives you a space to log any instances you encounter, allowing you to accurately track what happened, how it made you feel, and how you plan to respond.

<aside> ❓ Review the role templates below for more information on each.

Which role have you played?

I've been harmed  →  Choose a response

I'm an upstander  →  Intervene

I've caused harm  →  Listen and address

I'm a leader  →  Prevent and repair


↓ Click on All instances to view records in their different stages.


<aside> ✱ Sometimes the person causing harm may be you. It doesn't mean you're a terrible person — it means you are, like all of us, a fallible human being who has done something wrong and is now trying to make it right.