Today afternoon I joined Kaspar's presentation at the Kolloquium he had invited me to. It was a good opportunity for me to see a mycology related project up close. The «Bioligsch Aubbaubare Maske» is a biodegradable facemask, grown from mycelium. Kaspar 3D printed moulds which he filled with wood chip mushroom spawn to grow the masks shape. He also built an incubator out of a cupboard, it measures and regulates moisture and temperature for optimal colonisation of the medium. After growing the shape, the mask is heat treated in an oven to stop growth. The resulting material does not have a very intense smell. It's smell is slightly reminiscent of cardboard. Kaspar was able to successfully grow mask shapes of mycelial matter. There are plans to further develop this project. The next steps include flow tests and medical evaluations. One of the most interesting questions to me was the possibility of producing the masks industrially or going the do it yourself path.