<aside> 💡 Basically, Product Bible is a repository in which you can find all kinds of content related to Digital Products.


Our story

When we started digging into the world of Product, we realized that the amount of information at our disposal was huge - and this is a good thing - but there is little structure on articles, resources and materials. At some point, we were investing so much time trying to find relevant info we could use in our day-to-day job or side-projects.

Brick by brick, we were creating our own personal repository, based on our intuition and experience, which eventually it turned into what you're seeing now.

One day we sat down and ask ourselves, what if we open our repository to the public so everyone can benefit from our curated content? We bet you know the answer...

On 4th August 2020 we launched Product Bible! 💣 💥

How we do it

Our process is very straightforward. We keep a private repository in which we add everything that comes into our hands. Once a week we meet up, go over the new findings, we classify them and decide what musts to be uploaded to Product Bible.

What's in the newsletter

Each month you'll receive in your inbox all the content we decided to add to the Product Bible repository, plus a few highlights that deserve a special shoutout.

Not only that, but you will also get the explanation of why we decided to include a tool, a link or a video. We don't want a soulless repository, thus, our vision will always be present.