[General greeting] 👋

I’m [name] [pronouns, if you're comfortable], a [blank] based in [city], [state]. Currently, I'm a [job title] at [company] and [maybe another company or your own side gig].

Things you should know about me:

You can find me: [Portfolio] | [Instagram] | [Arena] | [Spotify] | [Etc.]

Example #1

Hi 👋 I’m Beth (she/her), a graphic designer based in Chicago, Illinois — currently in Ukrainian Village but Pilsen v soon. I currently work for a creative agency called Grip and I’m an admin here at Distant! I also (infrequently) make books under the name Good Words Press.

Some fun facts about me:

You can find me: Portfolio  |  Instagram  |  Arena  |  Spotify

Example #2

Hello friends!

My name is Bianca (she/her) and I fancy writing in its various forms. Currently, I’m a mid-level brand strategist and copywriter at One Design and I’m also one of your Distant admins 🤝