Project KP Fellows Redesign ****

Tasks UX Research, UX Design, Prototyping

Date January 2019



The KP Fellows application provided a prompt to redesign a feature of an existing portfolio company. I chose Spotify, as an avid user.


Music is sharable and allows us to connect in new ways. Spotify excels in creating a personalized experience within the application.


Following the tools used to develop Discover Weekly and the new Home Mix feature. I created the experience of Collaborative Discovers.


Prototype built with InVision.



I interviewed college students on how they share music and ways they connect with friends. After gathering insights, I asked the question: How can collaboration occur within Spotify without damaging the integrity of it being a streaming platform?


I developed scenarios in which the user flow would fit. Focusing the target demographic to be college students and thinking how they would interact with this feature idea.


I started by envisioning the user flow of the new feature and started building lo-fi prototypes. Following what would look natural is current UI, I created hi-fi mockups and a prototyping video.